You deserve fair treatment during your same-sex divorce

On behalf of Almeida & Gordy, P.A. posted in divorce on November 9, 2015

As someone who is in a same-sex relationship, you know that many things have changed since the Supreme Court made same-sex marriages legal. While marriage is fairly easy to navigate, divorce can be more difficult. For some time, Florida, as a state, even questioned if it would recognize divorces for people who had been in a same-sex marriage.

When that much pressure is on you, you may feel that a divorce is even more difficult than just deciding how to split your assets. What do you do in custody issues when a child isn’t yours but has been raised as such? What can you do if your divorce is coming under fire and you’re being asked to annul it instead?

Florida has always been a difficult state for same-sex relationships, but you are entitled to all the same rights as any other couple. Whether you want to seek visitation time with a child you’ve raised as your own or want to discuss how to seek alimony for yourself, you have the right to be heard, to understand the law and see how it applies to your case.

You may have several concerns stemming from a previous adoption that now creates custody concerns, estate planning issues or questions about how you can guarantee that you’re treated fairly and without a bias during your divorce. Fortunately, your attorney can help you navigate your divorce in the same way many couples do each day. Our website has more information on what to expect, so you can be prepared for the journey in front of you.

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