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You have equal rights as a same-sex couple in Florida

Recently and over the last several years, the United States has made major strides in equality for same-sex couples along with the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. With the recent ruling of the Supreme Court that all same-sex marriages are legal and should be granted by the states, the rights of the LGBT community have become even stronger and more defined.

As someone living the LGBT lifestyle, you deserve to be treated like anyone else. You have the same rights at work and the same rights under the law when it comes to marriage, divorce and family law. With the fluidity of these changes at present, it’s wise to take steps to protect yourself and your partner.

You can create an estate plan, will or adoption paperwork to help your goal of protecting your family; you can apply to get married or go through a legal divorce. Whatever you want to do, the law is on your side and aims to protect you in the same way as any other family.

If you’d prefer to not be married but instead to have a domestic partnership, that’s also possible. The paperwork is different, but you still receive many of the same protections that married couples would have.

With the change in recent laws, adoption rulings are now different. It used to be that LGBT couples would have to adopt the child in the way a stepparent would, but now, married couples can affirm their parentage of the child from birth. This is a new change in the government, which is why legal expertise should be sought out before assuming that you’re protected. Our site has more information that can help you understand how to stay protected.

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