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What To Do During The Final Stages of Adoption


Adopting a child requires patience and perseverance, from making the initial decision to adopt and meeting the requirements for getting approved, to finding the right child and making legal arrangements. By the time you get to the final stages of the adoption process, it is easy to overlook some practical details in your excitement of finally getting to bring your son or daughter home. The following outlines some of the important, last minute matters you will want to address in preparing yourself and your loved ones for this new addition to your family.

Preparing Yourself For Adoption

Over the long months of waiting to adopt, you likely have had ample time to consider the impact having a child will make both in your personal and professional life, as well as the changes that will be required in your home. Now that the time to make your adoption legal is drawing near, the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption advises making sure you have the following in order, which can help to make for a smoother transition:

  • Childcare and school arrangements: Whether your child is school age or will be attending daycare, it is important to review these arrangements and make sure all paperwork is in place.
  • Update your insurance policies. Review your existing coverage and speak to your employer about adding your child to your healthcare plans. Consider increasing the amount of life insurance you have, as well as adding a policy for your child.
  • Get copies of your child’s Social Security card and original birth certificate. Review any name changes that will need to be updated.
  • Line up social services. Consider counseling, support groups, special education, and tutoring that might be required to meet your child’s needs, as well as any government benefits they may be entitled to receive.

In addition to the above, be sure and make a last-minute childproofing sweep of your home and neighborhood, considering any rules or guidelines you may want to put in place to protect your child’s safety.

Preparing Your Friends and Family

It is natural to be excited and to look forward to introducing your child to your family and friends, but there may be some issues you want to address up front. While questions and comments from loved ones may be well intended, Adoptive Families advises new parents to consider the following prior to making these introductions:

  • Discuss when and how your child will be introduced to extended family members;
  • Decide how open you want to be about the fact that your child is adopted;
  • Determine how much information to share about their background or birth parents.

Having a plan can help to avoid awkward situations, while making the transition for you and your child smoother.

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