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What are the steps to divorce in Florida?

Divorce is a serious step to take in a relationship. Before you decide to take it, it’s wise to ask yourself if your marriage can be saved. Sometimes, couples benefit from marriage counseling or working with a psychologist. If these options aren’t for you and you’re sure you want to proceed, then you need to know about how to dissolve your marriage.

Today, there are no rules determining the reasons people can divorce. In the past, individuals could usually only get a divorce if things like abuse, adultery, or other serious problems took place during the marriage. Now, you can get a divorce regardless of your reasons as long as you can prove that your marriage is irretrievably broken.

To get a divorce, you need to be able to prove that you’re married. You’ll need to provide your marriage certificate. You’ll also need to have been a resident of Florida for at least six months when you file for divorce. Following this, you can start working on how to break down your assets, how to develop a parenting plan, and if you want to receive or pay out alimony.

Mediation can be used to reach an agreement with your spouse about how to divide your assets or how to break down custody and visitation. By reaching agreeable terms in mediation, the divorce can move more quickly and avoid going to trial, which can be a lengthy process. Sometimes, mediation is required before you can get a divorce; each county in Florida is different, so you’ll need to ask a clerk or speak with your lawyer about the rules you need to follow.

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