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Tips On How To Make Timesharing A Success


Being on friendly terms with your former spouse or partner is likely not one of your top priorities, and it may seem next to impossible after some of the disputes that have arose during your breakup. At the same time, if you have children together, you will likely continue to have regular contact with your ex, depending on your parenting plan and timesharing arrangements. Power struggles and arguments have a detrimental effect on your child’s development while making your own life more stressful, and being unable to resolve these issues could even jeopardize your rights as a parent. Whether you are in the process of structuring a plan or have a timesharing order in place, the following tips can help to ensure its success.

Parenting Plans That Suit You and Your Child’s Needs

It used to be that when couples separated or divorced, one parent would be granted sole custody, while the other got visitation. This generally consisted of one weeknight and every other weekend, hardly enough time to form the kind of close, intimate bond that children benefit from the most. having with both parents.

Under Section 63.13 of the Florida State Statutes, the court now seeks to establish timesharing arrangements, allowing formerly non-custodial parents to play a greater role in their child’s life. In making these arrangements, a parenting plan is submitted that outline a schedule of days and times the child is to spend with each parent, as well as the parent’s share in decision making responsibilities. The most successful plans take into consideration the following factors:

  • Parents Schedule: Allow time for work and professional responsibilities, as well as for social and civic activities. Avoid stress and chronic lateness by not attempting to squeeze in more than you can reasonably handle.
  • Child’s Schedule: School, recreational, and social activities and hobbies keep children busy. Factor in time for the activities they enjoy to avoid potential fights and resentments.
  • Child’s Age and Personality: While you may be willing to pick up your child after work for a sleep over and drop them off at school or daycare the next day, this may not work with their age level or personality type.

Dealing With Your Ex

Once a parenting schedule has been established, you can help things go more smoothly by following these tips from Parents magazine:

  • Keep agreed upon commitments, and call if you are going to be late.
  • Be reasonable in communicating with your child. Avoid frequent phone calls and texts when they are with the other parent.
  • Communicate any questions or concerns you have with your spouse in a direct, mature manner.
  • Avoid speaking poorly about your spouse or about your relationship with them in front of your child.
  • Realize that just because your ex was a poor partner does not mean they can not be an excellent parent.

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