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The 4 kinds of adoption allowed in Florida

If you’re thinking about adding a member to your growing family, it’s important to consider adoption. Adoption is a way to take in a child who has been less fortunate, to grow your family, and to experience parenthood. Adoption can be an exciting and happy experience, but there are many legal challenges your attorney may need to help you through.

For example, did you know that there is a ban on homosexuals adopting in Florida? Despite this, same-sex couples can adopt, thanks to the federal laws that have recently changed marriage laws. The Florida Bar has stated that even with the statute in place banning same-sex adoption, same-sex adoptions are legal, but if you plan to do so, legal assistance may be important.

There are four types of adoption you can enter into. You can choose an entity adoption, step-parent adoption, adult adoption, or close-relative adoption. What are the differences? An entity adoption is performed through public or private agencies. Step-parent adoptions take place when step parents want to take on a guardianship and parental role for their step children in place of their mothers or fathers. Adult adoptions are when adults form an adoption for the sake of inheritances or affiliations. Close-relative adoptions take place when you adopt a close relative, like a niece or nephew.

Each kind of adoption has special rules that apply. Normally, there must be several consent forms filled out to allow for the adoption. In the case of a child, for instance, there may be a consent for the child to be placed into adoption from the child’s mother and father.

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