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Same-sex fathers first to adopt in Florida

As someone who wants to adopt children but is part of a same-sex relationship, you may have thought it would be very difficult to adopt in the past. Now that the Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that same-sex marriages are legal throughout the nation, there have been several changes in family law. Prior to the change, it could be difficult for the second parent of a child to claim legal responsibility for a child, because adoption would only allow for a father and mother or other such arrangements.

Previous laws prevented same-sex couples from adopting, and even now, there can be some hesitation before allowing same-sex couples to foster or adopt children. There’s no reason, though, because one same-sex couple has already fought for the adoption of three children and won, and they’re the first gay fathers to foster to adopt in the state. They’re making the path for others in same-sex relationships to do the same.

During the fight to adopt, the men took on the Florida House Judiciary Committee to fight against anti-gay adoption and argued against biased caseworkers. In the end, three children have been adopted by the couple, and the adoptions have brought the challenges of same-sex adoptions to the forefront again.

In 2010, Florida’s Third District Court of Appeals disbanded a law that banned adoption by gay parents. That law was dated 1977, and the court decided that it was unconstitutional. After the law was revoked, the men applied to be foster parents. From there, they went on to adopt.

Although their story took place before the new ruling by the Supreme Court, it leaves hope in its wake, as now potential foster parents and adoption-ready families will have a chance to do so with less apprehension from the law.

Source: Huffington Post, “Meet Two Of The First Gay Dads To Foster-To-Adopt In Florida,” James Michael Nichols, July 17, 2015

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