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Orlando Domestic Partnership Attorneys

Although Florida now recognizes same-sex marriage, couples still have the option to establish domestic partnerships to legally protect themselves in a manner similar to marriage, though lacking certain rights allowed to traditionally married couples.

A domestic partnership is a contractual agreement protecting the rights of the two as a couple. At Hancock & Associates, P.A., our Orlando domestic partnership attorneys are dedicated to helping loving couples take the next step in their relationship, laying the framework to legally protect the commitment they have made to each other.

By establishing a domestic partnership, couples can begin the process of planning for the future, combining wealth and building a family through adoption. Some employers may also provide benefits to the domestic partner as they would to other members of an employee’s family, including health care in some situation.

Also, a domestic partnership sets the stage for the two to make decisions for each other, particularly when the unexpected occurs. To solidify this legally, it is important that your attorney also guide you through the process of estate planning. You need several key documents and arrangements to ensure that you are protected should the unexpected occur.

In Florida, domestic partnership registries are handled regionally by cities and counties. Our attorneys will help you register your partnership in the appropriate areas. This will help to ensure that you will be treated as a family member, particularly in medical situations.

Orlando & Tampa Domestic Partnership Dissolution Attorneys – LGBT Law

We can also assist in the dissolution of these partnerships. Because the contracts are not considered a legal document of marriage, the process for dissolving them is different from a typical divorce. This is particularly true in the division of assets. You need skilled legal representation during this process to ensure that you are protected and provided what you are entitled to.

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