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Orlando Asset & Debt Division Attorney

The division of assets and debts can be one of the trickiest parts of a divorce. Everyone wants to have enough, and nobody wants to be taken advantage of. In many cases, anger and hurt feelings can greatly complicate the property division process. It is essential to obtain advice from an experienced family law attorney if you have concerns about property division.

Get Your Questions Answered

At Hancock & Associates, P.A., in Orlando and Tampa, Florida, our Orlando Asset & Debt Division Attorneys are experienced in helping our clients resolve their divorces as amicably and cost-effectively as possible, while also protecting themselves financially. If you need guidance about property division in divorce, our attorneys are here to provide it. We can help you answer essential questions like:

  • What will happen to my house when I get divorced?
  • What will happen to my car?
  • Will my children be properly provided for? Will child support be ordered by the court?
  • How do you divide retirement accounts between divorcing spouses? What are QDROs?
  • Am I entitled to alimony? Will I have to pay maintenance?
  • Who decides what will happen to our debt? What if my house is underwater?
  • What if some or all of our marital debt was incurred by my spouse and not me?
  • What about inherited property or property that was mine before I got married?
  • Will a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement be applicable or useful in my case?
  • What if filing for bankruptcy is recommended? What about my credit?
  • Who will pay the bills during the divorce process?

It is normal to be concerned about these issues. You deserve answers.

Experienced Orlando Asset & Debt Division Attorneys

Contact Hancock & Associates, P.A., to schedule an appointment. Our Orlando Asset And Debt Division Attorney can answer your questions about property division.

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