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Orlando Child Support Attorney

Child support is court-ordered in some divorces and some situations involving unmarried parents of a child. In these situations, one parent is required to pay support for minor children, and the other parent receives support. Child support is based on criteria that include custody and time sharing arrangements and the incomes of both parents.

You may have questions about child support if you are going through a divorce or if you have a child or children from a non-marriage relationship.

Helping Parents On Both Sides Of Child Support Matters

At Hancock & Associates, P.A., our Orlando Child Support Attorney understand the complexities of Florida child support. Our attorneys have handled hundreds of child support cases, representing both payers and payees. Our firm can help you make sense of your child support matter, addressing questions like:

  • Who is responsible for providing medical insurance and other medical expenses for my child or children?
  • Who will pay for the cost of day care? What will happen when my child gets older and is enrolled in full-day school instead?
  • Does child support cover the cost of education and extracurricular activities? What about private or parochial school?
  • Can I reduce my child support payments if my income has changed?
  • Is there a relationship between alimony (spousal maintenance) and child support?
  • How do I deal with child support from the perspective of a same-sex relationship?
  • How exactly does the amount of child support relate to my time sharing (visitation) schedule?
  • Who will be responsible for college costs after my kids turn 18?

Talk To An Experienced Orlando Child Support Attorney

Contact our Orlando Child Support Attorney for advice from an experienced family law attorney. Hancock & Associates, P.A., serves clients in Orlando, Tampa and elsewhere in Florida.

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