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If you’re like most people, you work and save your entire life, counting on your savings to get you through any tough times or illnesses, see you through your retirement, and have enough to leave a legacy for your children, grandchildren or charities and institutions you admire. But if you’re like most people, then you probably haven’t taken the steps necessary to ensure that your wishes will be carried out if you die or become incapacitated. Sixty-four percent of the American adult population does not have a will. Even among adults aged 55 to 64, more than half have not drafted a will. When it comes to estate planning, don’t be like most people. Take the time to speak with an attorney about your needs and desires, and let Hancock & Associates draft a will and other estate planning documents that will take care of you and future generations.

At Hancock & Associates, P.A., our Orlando estate planning attorneys help people throughout central Florida create an estate plan that meets all of their basic needs for health care and financial management, as well as the future distribution of their estate. Our Florida estate planning services include drafting all of the following documents on your behalf:

Will – Decide where all of your money, property and possessions will go after you pass on. Designate whom you would want to be the guardian of your minor children, if necessary. Choose the person you want to be the executor of your estate and ensure that everything is carried out according to your wishes.

Living Will – A living will is a written statement detailing a person’s desires regarding their medical treatment in circumstances in which they are no longer able to express informed consent, especially an advance directive.

Pour-Over Will – A pour-over will is established by an individual who has already taken the necessary steps to set up a trust, so that upon the death of said individual, all of his or her assets are to be transferred – or “poured over” – to the trust.

Designation of Health Care Surrogate – Designation of Health Care Surrogate is an individual a person chooses to make decisions regarding his or her medical care if he or she is not able to communicate. Having this form is vital because not all conditions are covered in the Living Will.

Pre-Need Guardianship – Naming Preneed Guardian is finding an appropriate person to manage their personal and financial well-being in the event that he or she becomes incapacitated.  Without this step, the decision of a guardian will be left to the courts, who may appoint someone you neither know nor trust, or give the child over to the state to care for. The designation of a pre-need guardian is available for natural or adoptive parents, including same-sex couples.

Durable Power of Attorney – Durable Power of Attorney is similar to a Preneed Guardian, it is a person chosen to handle medical care and finance matters if you become incapacitated and this document stays in affect until you are able to handle matters on your own.

Disposition of Remains – Surviving family members may disagree over what your wishes were in this area, or they may seek to impose their own views over the objections of others. Making the arrangements ahead of time will ensure that your wishes are carried out, while easing the stress and burden on those left behind.

Revocable Trust – A Revocable Trust is a trust that can be altered or canceled on the grantor.

Testamentary Trust – Testamentary Trusts can be beneficial if one knows what they are getting themselves into. Our attorneys and staff will help you weigh the benefits and disadvantages of operating a testamentary trust. Once we determine the best course of action, we make it a point to help our client every step of the way to ensure we achieve the optimal resolution. Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions regarding testamentary trusts at (407) 730-5682.

Don’t Delay. Start Your Estate Planning Today.

It is never early to create your estate plan, but if you wait too long, it can be too late. Sit down with an experienced Orlando Estate Planning Attorney at Hancock & Associates, P.A. to discuss your goals and desires, and draft or revise a comprehensive estate plan that meets your needs. In Orlando, Tampa and throughout Central Florida, call 407-894-0853 for assistance.

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