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Florida claims it shouldn’t pay for same-sex marriage appeal

Florida had been arguing against same-sex marriage, but now that it is accepted under law in the United States, those who have been accused of discrimination have to pay for those acts. In one case out of Florida, it was argued that because the state dropped its appeal against same-sex marriage, it shouldn’t have to pay the cost of the appeals process.

As someone who may have had to fight to get married in Florida, this should be upsetting to you. By not paying the legal fees associated with losing a case, that means your attorney could go without being paid. On top of that, you could miss out on compensation that you deserve to receive from the state in a settlement.

If the state is excused from paying, attorneys, and potentially victims of the same-sex marriage ban, may not be paid out what they’re owed. The state lost in court, but it doesn’t want to pay, and that’s not typically how the law works. In this case, every time the state fought against same-sex marriage, it cost victims and their lawyers money that should be covered when the state pays reparations. If the state doesn’t, then those people will not receive the compensation that they should receive for their trouble and the struggles they’ve been put through.

As the same-sex marriage laws go into effect, courts are having to decide how much the states need to pay for opposing the now legal marriages. Generally speaking, the states will have to pay a substantial amount to those who fought for the victims, same-sex couples, to cover legal fees.

Source: Tampa Bay Times, “Pam Bondi balks at paying full cost of Florida’s fight against gay marriage,” Anna M. Phillips, Aug. 15, 2015

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