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Can certain life events lead to divorce?

For a lot of couples across our state, divorce oftentimes results because a marriage has simply broken down. Sometimes this happens because the couple married young and over time they came to realize that they were very different people. In other cases, it only takes a matter of months before the couple realizes that the marriage isn’t going to work.

Whether it’s months or years down the road though, some marriage counselors believe that there may be a few life events that may have a helping hand with divorce. In today’s post, we’d like to highlight a few of these events with the hopes of giving our Orlando readers a heads up on some things that could cause problems for their marriage down the road.

Catastrophic injury or prolonged illness. A lot of couples consider themselves to be caring and would do anything for their spouse if the need called. But in the case of catastrophic injury or prolonged illness, would you be prepared for the overwhelming stress of medical bills, extensive treatments and the shifting of marital responsibilities as well? If you’re like a lot of people, you might not be prepared for this, which is why this can be a contributing factor in a divorce.

Job loss or job changes. Money is oftentimes considered a contention in any marriage. This is typically why one spouse losing a job can lead to divorce. That’s because one spouse must now take on a majority of the financial responsibility, putting a strain on the marriage some may not be able to handle.

Deployments or military service. Being a soldier can sometimes feel like an around the clock job, especially for active military service members or those who are on deployment. Although this constant need to do your duty for your country is admirable, it can also take its toll on a marriage. Civilian spouses sometimes feel like their needs are second to their spouse’s duty or may become resentful because they are forced to take on more responsibility. In some cases, marriages don’t last.

Infidelity. For a lot of people, cheating on a spouse is an unforgivable offense because it breaks the bonds of trust, oftentimes beyond the point of repair. When infidelity becomes a factor in a marriage, divorce can soon follow.

Source: ABC News, “Life Events That Can Lead to Divorce,” Amanda MacMillan, March 28, 2015

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