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How Pre- and Postnuptial Agreements Benefit Same Sex Couples

By Hancock & Associates, P.A. |

There are few greater joys than finding a partner that you want to spend your life with. For same sex couples, the ability to legally cement their union is a recent and hard won freedom. Unfortunately, that does not make them immune to the same types of issues and struggles all married couples face…. Read More »


Tips On How To Make Timesharing A Success

By Hancock & Associates, P.A. |

Being on friendly terms with your former spouse or partner is likely not one of your top priorities, and it may seem next to impossible after some of the disputes that have arose during your breakup. At the same time, if you have children together, you will likely continue to have regular contact with… Read More »


Third Party Reproduction: Choosing Between a Surrogate and Gestational Carrier

By Hancock & Associates, P.A. |

The birth of a child is one of the most joyful events in a parent’s life, but the path to parenthood is often full of both choices and challenges. Among the options available in Florida is using a surrogate, which involves using third parties to aid in insemination as well as in carrying the… Read More »


Deciding Whether You Are Ready To Adopt

By Hancock & Associates, P.A. |

Becoming a parent is one of life’s most rewarding, yet challenging, adventures. Unfortunately, there are parents who, for one reason or another, are simply unable to fulfill their responsibilities. As a result, children of all ages are left sitting in foster homes and group care, waiting for someone to provide the home they need…. Read More »


Discussing Your Will and Estate Plan With Your Loved Ones

By Hancock & Associates, P.A. |

There are some topics that people find difficult to discuss with family and friends, and financial matters and end of life plans are at the top of the list. No one wants to contemplate their own or their loved one’s passing, but failing to have this type of discussion can create misunderstandings and costly… Read More »


Financial Issues Concerning Same Sex Couples and Divorce

By Hancock & Associates, P.A. |

Going through a divorce is a traumatic time. In addition to whatever fears or uncertainties you may be feeling over the future, the process of unraveling the life you built together is often complicated and painful. For same sex couples filing for divorce, the process can be even more difficult and confusing, as Florida’s… Read More »


Sperm and Egg Donor Rights

By Hancock & Associates, P.A. |

Some couples enjoy the freedom that comes with being childless, whereas others yearn for the pitter patter of little feet. For same sex couples, as well as heterosexual partners experiencing problems with infertility, sperm and egg donation is one of several viable options towards having a family of your own. While using a donor… Read More »


Custody and Timesharing Issues For Children of Same Sex Marriages

By Hancock & Associates, P.A. |

Going through the breakup of a marriage is always painful, but particularly so if there are children involved. For same sex couples, while marriage is legally established giving them full legal rights, issues pertaining to child custody and timesharing can still present problems. While one may not be the biological parent of the child,… Read More »


The Role Adultery Plays In Same Sex Couple Divorce

By Hancock & Associates, P.A. |

The end of a marriage is always painful, particularly if there have been extramarital affairs and outside relationships involved. When you are the one who has been cheated on by your spouse, it is only natural to feel hurt, angry, and betrayed. The affair may be the primary reason you are filing for divorce,… Read More »

Four Estate Planning Documents Every Same Sex Couple Should Have

By Hancock & Associates, P.A. |

Contemplating the prospect of you or your partner’s demise or discussing plans in the event one of you becomes incapacitated is an unpleasant topic that most people would rather avoid. At the same time, failing to have the appropriate estate planning documents in place can create serious financial problems, in the event of your… Read More »

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