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The One Estate Planning Mistake Couples Often Make

By Hancock & Associates, P.A. |

When discussing their future and creating estate planning documents, couples often rely on each other in implementing any plans, while inheriting all proceeds from their partner’s estate. This is based on the notion that one of them will predecease the other, and it fails to factor in the chance that an accident might involve… Read More »


Choosing A Personal Representative For Your Estate

By Hancock & Associates, P.A. |

Regardless of the size of your estate, it is important to have a properly drafted and executed will in place, but this is just the first step in the estate planning process. You will also need to name a personal administrator to file your will with the probate court and to ensure your wishes… Read More »


Qualities to Look For In A Surrogate

By Hancock & Associates, P.A. |

For gay, lesbian, and heterosexual couples who otherwise cannot conceive, surrogacy provides a way to have a child of your own. As one of several paths to parenthood you may wish to consider, our surrogacy attorneys can help guide you through the process, ensuring the process is conducted in accordance with state laws. Once… Read More »


Contesting A Will

By Hancock & Associates, P.A. |

The death of a cherished loved one is an emotional time for family and friends, and it is not uncommon for disputes to arise. One area that can be particularly troubling concerns how to handle their estate. Those close to the person who passed may feel they are entitled to a portion of their… Read More »


What To Do During The Final Stages of Adoption

By Hancock & Associates, P.A. |

Adopting a child requires patience and perseverance, from making the initial decision to adopt and meeting the requirements for getting approved, to finding the right child and making legal arrangements. By the time you get to the final stages of the adoption process, it is easy to overlook some practical details in your excitement… Read More »


Protecting Yourself Against Violence During Divorce and Custody Proceedings

By Hancock & Associates, P.A. |

Divorce and custody matters are some of the most volatile issues dealt with in the Florida family court. Unfortunately, a former spouse or partner who feels desperate, threatened, or betrayed may be more likely to lash out and use intimidation or the threat of violence to get their way. Our Orlando family law attorneys… Read More »


Dealing With the Physical and Emotional Impacts of Divorce

By Hancock & Associates, P.A. |

Going through the breakup of a marriage can have a significant impact on your physical and emotional health. It is natural to feel overwhelmed by the stress of the situation and at the thought of the changes it will bring about in your life. This is where our experienced divorce attorneys can be your… Read More »


Four Ways You Can Avoid Probate

By Hancock & Associates, P.A. |

Probate is the legal process of identifying assets and liabilities of someone who has passed. It ensures any debts of the estate are settled, and that those who inherit are the rightful heirs. Unfortunately, it can often be a time consuming and potentially costly process. As part of estate planning, there are ways to… Read More »


Tips for Avoiding Conflicts When Using A Surrogate

By Hancock & Associates, P.A. |

Having children is a major life decision, one most couples eventually discuss either before or after getting married. These talks often center on the number of children they would ideally like to have, the parenting philosophy they prefer in raising them, and how they intend to strike the right balance between work and family… Read More »


Non-Biological Parents Rights In Same Sex Divorce

By Hancock & Associates, P.A. |

One of the many issues that are central to divorce proceedings involves parenting plans and timesharing arrangements for the children of the couple involved. This can be a particularly painful and challenging area in same sex divorces. Despite having provided a child with love, care, and support, one of the spouses may not meet… Read More »

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