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Are there any warning signs my spouse is ready for a divorce?

Being told by your spouse that they want a divorce can be a jilting experience for many. Lacking the wherewithal to argue, many simply ask, “what can I do now?” Others though may ask, “were there any warning signs I missed?” In answer to the last question, some marriage experts say yes, pointing to some behaviors that may indicate that a spouse is ready to announce the ending of your marriage.

One thing to watch out for, which was highlighted in a TIME magazine article this month, is your spouse’s behavior when it comes to your finances. Although finances tend to be a sore subject for a lot of couples, too much focus on your finances can lead to schisms in the relationship and potentially divorce down the road.

Some warning signs that your spouse is considering divorce might be:

  • Directing money to accounts you do not have access to
  • Stopping direct deposits to a joint bank account
  • Taking unexpected trips or giving you or others lavish gifts
  • Putting you on a budget or asking you to account for your expenditures

Though we only listed four warning signs, it’s worth noting that there are other behaviors concerning finances that may suggest that the divorce talk is just around the corner. This is something we want our Orlando and Tampa readers — as well as readers from other areas of Florida — to keep in mind as these warning signs may prompt you to then speak to a knowledgeable family law attorney who can help make the possibility of divorce a less frustrating one.

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